Investment Litigation

Investment litigation is often very complex and involves sophisticated financial aspects. A deep understanding of investment vehicles and the securities laws that govern them is vital to success in securities litigation. It’s also essential to be represented by highly experienced trial counsel who can secure a win in the courtroom.

Steckler Gresham Cochran provides experienced representation in securities fraud cases to investors and companies throughout the U.S. Our investment litigation attorneys have recovered substantial settlements for investors in class-action cases involving accounting fraud, insider trading, IPOs and other fraudulent activities.

Shareholders are the owners of a corporation, but they do not control day-to-day operations. They are usually several degrees removed from direct control, relying on appointed directors and corporate executives to manage the company’s daily business operations.

When it is those directors or executives causing harm to the company and its shareholders, a derivative suit enables the shareholders to bring action against them. Steckler Gresham Cochran represents shareholders in these types of cases, to compel those in charge of the company to perform their duties in the best interest of the corporation and its shareholder, and to seek damages when the company operations have been mishandled.

Our investment litigation services include:

  • Securities fraud
  • Derivative actions
  • FINRA actions
  • Insider trading cases
  • Initial Public Offerings